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9th August 2015

Library Obsession

Most Beautiful Libraries


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July 30th 2015

“…dashed inconvenient, I say and then she had the nerve to…oh, hello.  Yes, yes come in, we’re open.  Deepak Chopra?  That’s in Self Help, dear, far end, by the window…what?  No, it doesn’t count as Science, dear, Self Help as I say.  Good grief.46154_150183798332642_224330_n

Where was I?  Oh yes, well, she had the nerve to comment on my duck l’orange, quite turned her nose up.  Apparently, unless it’s from that Hester Rosenthal’s cookbook, it doesn’t pass her lips.  I said to Reginald, there was a time when Araminta Clunge wasn’t nearly as fussy, I can tell you.  Pedro the Pool Boy?

That’ll be £2.30, please.  Well, you have had it for six weeks past due, madam.   No, we don’t offer a ‘tab’ option, madam.  For that, you would have to speak to the landlord at the Startled Badger.

Speaking of which…a snifter of crème de menthe when we close, Mimsy?”

Libraries of the Rich and Famous: Part One

Weird Questions Real People Asked Librarians Back Before Google Was a Thing


Via 22 Words


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