The Midnight Writer Genre Playlist: Sex, Romance & Heartbreak



Need some inspiration to write your best-selling romance?  Or maybe you need to get in the mood to compose some steamy erotica – either way, The Midnight Writer’s Genre Playlist: Sex, Romance & Heartbreak will help you!

Don’t forget we also have a specific playlist for Horror, Crime and Suspense writers too!  Visit us at our YouTube Channel for these and many other playlists to keep you company whilst you write.  If you have any suggestions for playlists, or songs, please feel to let us know in the comments – enjoy!





Please help spread the word by tweeting the link to our YouTube channel at The Midnight Writer YouTube Channel

Don’t forget we also have a Writing Time playlist for those times when you really need to concentrate – a mix of classical, ambient and instrumental music.  Visit our Writing Time Playlist and enjoy!


Don’t forget to visit us at The Midnight Writer – we can help take your manuscript to the next level!


Photos courtesy of Pixabay


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