Writing Essentials #1: Proofreading – Wyh Uyo Suhodln’t Sikp It (no, really)

Proofreading – Wyh Uyo Suhodln’t Sikp It (no, really)



This meme has gone viral on several occasions over the years.  Based on studies by Graham Rawlinson at Nottingham University, and (possibly) language study centres at Cambridge, the theory goes that as long as the first letter of the word is correct, the human mind will automatically rearrange the letters to form the actual word.  Or something like that; it’s been around so long, and in so many different formats, it’s hard to pin down the exact wording of the theory but, as Graham Rawlinson puts it:

“Letter features are processed through a route of letter classification/identification. Middle letter identification proceeds largely independently of position.”

Well, that’s cleared that up.

We can but draw one conclusion from his work:  Literary agents aren’t human. Why?  Because you try sending a poorly spelled manuscript to one of them.  Welcome to the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the slush pile.

An agent yesterday after spotting a typo.
An agent yesterday after spotting a typo.

Now I say that with ALL due respect (I can suck up like the rest) but we as writers know that to present our finished manuscript to an agent for consideration, especially if we’re new to the game, that manuscript must be preceft.  Pertecf.  PERFECT.

Even if we’re not submitting to agents or publishers, increasing numbers of authors are self-publishing which can mean their work may go out unchecked by anyone but the writer themselves.  Uh-oh.  Even the best writers can fall foul of this if their publishing houses haven’t proofread properly.

Coookiesssss, cookies, cookies...ahem, sorry about that...
Coookiesssss, cookies, cookies…ahem, sorry about that…

As such, a reader will demand comparative models in the plot, structure and style as

well as exceptional standards of grammar and formatting. Editing is an essential part of any writer’s process and we are confident we can steer you along the path to success. We can’t guarantee publication but we can help you present your work in the best possible light.

Which means one thing:  proofreading your manuscript is an essential part of the writing process.  Having your manuscript mw editing servicesprofessionally proofread means you can be confident that your final product reflects the quality of your work.  It’s no use having a great hook and beautifully drawn characters if your spelling and grammar are poor. So that’s where we come in. So hop on over to the Midnight Writer site and get in touch today.  If you, as a lot of writers are, on a tight budget, we
discuss payment plans – but most importantly, you can be assured of a high-quality service. Just take a look at the testimonials from our clients (which were NOT, despite rumours, forced out of them by nefarious means.  Well, not all of them anyway).

Click on the photo to the left to read about our proof-reading, editing and critiquing services

or get in touch with us by email:  themidnightwriter@outlook.com

or drop us a message on our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/themidnightwriteruk

or on Twitter: @MidnightWriteUK

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2 thoughts on “Writing Essentials #1: Proofreading – Wyh Uyo Suhodln’t Sikp It (no, really)

  1. I’ve written a bit about this recently, as I’m a real stickler for ensuring my manuscript is as good as it can be when it embarks upon that Great Query Voyage into Agentland. It’s nice to hear you confirm my thoughts and concerns. thanks.

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