Women Writers You Should Know About #7 Louise Abeita

Louise Abeita

Louise Abeita


Louise Abeita Chewiwi is a Native American writer, poet and teacher. She was born in Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico in 1926. When she was thirteen years old, her first book, the illustrated I am a Pueblo Indian Girl, was published. 424The book, which is told through both prose and poetry, is the first book to explain the lives and culture of the Pueblo community to the non-Native world. She appeared in the short film, Fashion Horizons, showing her book to Hollywood actresses.

800px-House_at_Isleta_Pueblo Historic_American_Buildings_Survey_John_P._O'Neill,_Photographer_March_7,_1937_ADOBE_HOUSE_WITH_RECESSED_PORTAL_-_Adobe_House_(Recessed_Portal),_Isleta_Pueblo,_Bernalillo_County,_HABS_NM,1-ISLEP,2-1.tif Historic_American_Buildings_Survey_John_P._O'Neill,_Photographer_March_7,_1937_ADOBE_HOUSE_WITH_WALLED_FORECOURT_-_Adobe_House_(Walled_Forecourt),_Isleta_Pueblo,_Bernalillo_County,_HABS_NM,1-ISLEP,3-1.tif
Chewiwi – also known as E-Yeh-Shure (Blue Corn) had a long career in teaching and remains active in the Native American education system long after her retirement.
Louise Abeita died in Albuquerque in July 2014.



Images courtesy of Wikimedia


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