The Midnight Writer YouTube Channel & Genre Playlists


The Midnight Writer YouTube Channel

For this writer, music goes hand-in-hand with writing, I can’t do one without the other.  When I’m starting on a new book or short story, I take the seed of the idea and use it to source a playlist which will help inform, inspire and motivate me to write.  I can’t tell you how many times a playlist has helped me combat writer’s block, or informed a character choice. It never fails.

To this end, we’re currently putting together genre-specific playlists on our YouTube channel so that you can find inspirations for yourselves, regardless of your preferred writing genre – or indeed, to help inspire you to try another genre!

We’ll get around to a Midnight Writer Writing Inspiration Channel on Spotify  in good time but to start us off, we’d like your suggestions for the following genre playlists:

We’ll add more as soon as we know that they are being used/are useful!  Please help spread the word by tweeting the link to our YouTube channel at The Midnight Writer YouTube Channel

Don’t forget we also have a Writing Time playlist for those times when you really need to concentrate – a mix of classical, ambient and instrumental music.  Visit our Writing Time Playlist and enjoy!

doll-626790_1280We’re starting off you off with the Horror/Mystery/Thriller/Suspense playlist – but don’t worry if you have more suggestions for this playlist – we are happy add to it!

Get involved!

Don’t forget to visit us at The Midnight Writer – we can help take your manuscript to the next level!


Photos courtesy of Pixabay

‘Headphones’ Art by Michelle Foster


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