Women Writers You Should Know About #3 Juliette Adam

Juliette Adam

Juliette Adam (1836-1936) was a French writer, publisher and activist. She was born in Verberie in the north-east of France and experienced an unhappy childhood which she later documented in documented in Le roman de mon enfance et de ma jeunesse. 

Juliette_Adam_by_NadarShe first published in 1858, a defence of writers Daniel Stern and George Sand, in Idées antiproudhoniennes sur l’amour, la femme et le mariage (French).

She was active in the feminist movement, aligning herself with Avant-Courrière, an action group founded by the French feminist Jeanne Schmahl, who in turn had page1-352px-Adam_-_Voyage_autour_du_grand_pin,_1888.djvulaunched the French suffragette movement to garner the vote for women.
After her first husband died, Juliette established a salon which would be attended by French politicians and would give her voice in French Republican politics. From this came the Nouvelle Revue, which Adam edited for eight years and during her time
published writers such as Paul Bourget, Pierre Loti, and Guy de Maupassant.

As well as her political writings, Adam was also a novelist and her most famous book is Païenne (1883). Adam lived to the age of 99 and died in 1936 in Gif-sur-Yvette, Paris.



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