Why my writing is going to the dogs…..

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Sometimes is seems as though my writing life revolves around themes. Currently, it’s dogs. That’s all right with me because I love dogs, I think of them as angels in furry coats! I’ve embarked (no pun intended) on a lighthearted dog themed series for Harvest House while also writing a K9 cop story for Love Inspired Suspense which features a big old slobbery bloodhound named Hawk. So there you go! I’m adding some dogs to the fictional pantheon! Let’s have some fun making a list of famous fictional dogs. I’ll start us off with the obvious….LASSIE!

Your turn! Can you think of any famous fictional dogs? Post your reply and you’re entered to win a signed book and a neato ‘boat in a bottle’ necklace at the end of the month. 


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