Venice (Day Two)

There is nothing more awesome than waking up in an incredible hotel room and realizing that right out your balcony is nothing but water.

For those of us that are used to street noise, it’s so surreal to wake up to the sounds of “waterway noise”.  Instead of car engines, it’s boat engines.  Instead of horns honking, it’s laughter.  Instead of car gridlock and pavement, it’s a parade of boats through a canal.

Our day started with breakfast at Hotel Danieli.  Note that many of the cafes in Venice serve pastries and coffee.  Since I’m allergic to wheat, finding breakfast becomes a bit more difficult.  This hotel’s buffet, although 20 euro, was good enough. And, while already in the 90s outside, the outdoor patio offered us great views of the waterway.


Since it was so hot out, we had two options for the day: Visit the Murano Glass Factory or head…

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