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ukpinterestcompin280982464221600608I inhale books.  Not literally, that would be stupid and probably fatal.

Last year, I went through a period where I would dither about with one book for ages, despite it not being particularly enthralling but still, I was determined to finish it out of stubbornness.  That was a bad move. It slowed down my reading – and my writing – and I started to almost fall out of love with reading. **shudders**

Nah-uh.  No way. Me and books, we go way back. Books are my dirty mistress, the tarts-with-hearts that I always go crawling back to.  I wasn’t ready to give up on that most sacred of relationships.  So I decided to change the way I read.

Instead of toiling on with books I wasn’t connecting with, I’d give them five chapters to pull me in or they were outta there.  Yup.  I was the bad-fiction sheriff. I got rid of the idea that once I started a book, I had to finish it. I mean, who the hell was going to care, who was going to check?

Pictured:  Judgey Judgersons doing judgey things whilst judging.
Pictured: Judgey Judgersons doing judgey things whilst judging.

‘Msss Foster, I see you have reached page 152 of Ulysses* twice before throwing it across the room and screaming ‘For the love of god, use a full stop once in a while!’. Do you have any intention of finishing said book?’

‘No, your Honour.’

‘Burn the witch!’

(*I have nothing against stream-of-consciousness and James Joyce is wonderful – Dubliners yes but Ulysses no. Just no. I was only reading it because of Kate Bush anyway).

Where was I?  Ah yes, so with my new mercenary mindset, I set out to rekindle my love affair with books.

It worked.  Admittedly, this year I’ve got through a lot of Murakami (both Haruki and Ryu), some Auster, a LOT of Asian

"I'm sorry, do you mean me?"
“I’m sorry, do you mean me?”

writers (I’ve spent a lot of time in Japan this year – in my head when I’m reading, that is).  I even chucked in a few old favourites that I’ve read and re-read until their spines are as floppy as Nick Clegg’s (sorry, I had to).

I digress.  I’ve had  a wonderful time reading this year but rather than bore you with endless reviews, every week I’ll post The MW Night-Stand – the books I’ve read recently and can recommend without hesitation.

Please leave comments, telling me what you’re reading and any recommendations!


The Midnight Writer Night-Stand

Found on creativediyideasblogspotcom

Highly Recommended

(click covers for more info)


Andy Weir’s fantastic sci-fi will be brought to the big screen later this year.  Funny, thrilling and uber-geeky, this was a one-sitting read (or one night stand book, see what I did there?).  Love love LOVED IT!

her-paperback 9781780220017

I read Harriet Lane’s books one after the other – disturbing, beautifully crafted and the natural successor to Patricia Highsmith. So morally corrupt are Lane’s characters, it’s hard to tell who is the antagonist and who is the protagonist.17571466

Holy moly.  Nick Cutter‘s mind is a sick and twisted place and I love it.  If you are a horror fan then this is for you, Cutter’s tale of a scout troop marooned on a small island off the Canadian coast.  When a stranger turns up…let’s just say things get gnarly, dude, gnarly.

Currently on the Nightstand…

The-Raw-Shark-Texts-by-Stev51WZpYwABXL (1)tumblr_lle22vphWl1qajup5


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