The Brutality of Truth with Daniel Martin Diaz

The Brutality of Truth with Daniel Martin Diaz

by Salvador Maximillian via Style No Chaser

“Describing an artist as spiritually adept and beautifully in harmony with the universe as Daniel Martin Diaz (DMD) is an arduous task because what he creates is far beyond words.  Adjectives cannot do Daniel the justice he deserves.  DMD deftly dances on the lines that blur science, magic and religion producing images worthy of a cult following.  On his quest for the brutal truth, he has discovered that every discovery or seeming breakthrough inevitably leads to more questions of the tentacled nature.  He knows that humans are very small parts of the whole universal equation, and being confident in what you know (or what you think you know) actually digs you deeper into a sinkhole of ignorance.  He is another artist who attests to the fact that EGO is the ultimate enemy and profoundly understands that objectivity and extreme open mindedness are our only redemption.”(…for more, click headline)



For more information on Daniel, please click here and here or visit his website here.


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