Welcome to the Midnight Writer…

Welcome to The Midnight Writer, home of professional editorial, writing and mentoring services. Whether you are an established novelist, a self-publishing writer or graduate, we can offer all the help you need to produce exemplary written work.

With nearly 20 years of experience in publishing (and the odd first-class degree in Writing) the team at The Midnight Writer can boast having founded an international literary magazine as well as having written scripts, training and marketing materials for corporate clients and multi-national businesses.

We’ve edited award-winning books and even been shortlisted for a few writing awards ourselves. Writing is our passion and there’s nothing we value more than like-minded writers and authors who simply want to present their work in the best possible light. We can provide you with a professional and industry standard edited manuscript ready for submission to an agent or publisher, for academic scrutiny or for self-publishing….

Ooo get us. That’s the serious stuff out of the way now we can be silly.

Hello.  I’m Michelle Foster and I’m the owner and editor of The Midnight Writer Writing & Editing Service.  I take writing and editing very seriously but myself…not so much.  So on this blog I’ll get to do all the fun stuff, such as shamelessly promote my clients’ and friends’ work, post randomly interesting stuff that my daily trawls on the internet throw up and blog little pieces of my own work for your delectation (or not).

Not all of the posts will be about reading, writing and books, you can expect quite a hefty chunk of music, art, photography, politics, world news….almost anything.

So come join us, comments, thoughts and lively discussion are always welcome*. If you’re looking for writing or editorial help, scoot on over to our mother ship at The Midnight Writer (yep, that was a blatant plug.)


* We’re a friendly and open-minded bunch here but there are some things we won’t put up with: threatening or abusive behaviour, sexism, racism, homophobia or religious intolerance of any kind.  That’ll earn you a one-way ticket to Banned-ville and you wouldn’t like it there.  There’s no cake.


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